Over the Hedge is a 2006 video game, based on the film of the same name. It was released by Edge of Reality and Activision.Edit

Over the Hedge is a 2.5D stereospocic platformer.

There are 35 levels from Gladys' Backyard to rescue heather.Edit


Gladys' Backyard

Inside gladys house


Caught in the Hedge

Night Streets

Projector Heist

Martin Heist Pt 1

Martin Heist Pt 2

Martin House

Martin Heist Escape

Steam Train

Shooting Gallery

Mateince Room

Smith Birthday Party

Smith Heist Pt 2

Smith House

Smith Heist Escape

Cave Interiors

Below Vincents Den

Mountain Pass

Vincents Den

Conner Heist Pt 1

Conner Heist Pt 2

Conner Heist Pt 3

Conner House

Conner Heist Escape

Mini Golf Course

Roller Coaster Tracks

Roller Coaster Escape

Gladys Heist Pt 1

Gladys Heist Pt 2

Gladys Heist Escape

Protect The Woods!

VermTech Heist 

Rescue Heather!

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