Rufus in the GCN version (Nintendo Gamecube)

Rufus is a character in Over the Hedge: The Video Game.



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In Over the Hedge: The Video GameEdit

In the level "Conner Heist Escape,"  Rufus helps pick up food when Ozzie plays dead in the road and spills the food. After time runs out, or the player collects all the food, Rufus demands he should get 3 bags of chips (FYI) for flying around. In "Conner Heist Escape, Part 3," the player helps him escape. After breaking him out, he "shows" the players how into get into the house via window.. However, he smacks into the window, rather than opening it. In other levels, he flies in and takes items taken to a drop off circle in certain levels, when then appear at the woods. He first appeared in the first level.


Rufus has somewhat of an attitude. When you meet him in the first level, he calls RJ and Verne "Gate Waltzers," signifing he has a bit of a temper.


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  • In a Sunday comic, the Doctor from Doctor Who, a sci-fi TV show started in the UK, arrives in his TARDIS, his time machine, and advises Verne to not talk in the next 10 minutes or else, the universe will be destroyed. RJ and a blue bird walk up to Verne and ask him what's going on. After not responding, the bird says "It's always about Verne." This slightly resembles Rufus. (Comic shown at right)

    The comic mentioned in the trivia.


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